Accessible luxury I (2016)

Louis Vuiton suitcase - Work in progress


This readymade piece is all about taking an icon of luxury away from its environment and making it accessible for low-income households while creating barriers to access for the rich and famous. In short: this suitcase will never be part of the scene of the rich and famous, and most likely ends up in a closet of a social housing project house. 
In order to achieve this, money is taking away from the equation and replaced by time, linked to
effort and a life changing experience. Practically, the price for this object is two weeks of voluntary work at Lesbos, helping refugees by providing food, English lessons and good spirit. It is offered on the leading classifieds platform in Holland famous for offering second hand bargains for low-mid income households. 

This makes it close to impossible to acquire the work for affluent people who might have money yet always lack time (since time is money), and in the same time making it accessible to low-income households who might lack money yet have time at hand. Finally it enriches the object with a life changing experience for the buyer, loading it with depth and good karma, two elements that a normal Luis Vuiton suitcase is lacking when leaving the factory. 


Currently I am in connection with great people that are willing to participate in this project and working on logistics etc. to get the show (and the suitcase :-) on the road. Where the journey will head and end I don't know, yet it promises to be an inspiring ride.