”Sorry? You were saying?” (2016)

Art installation containing 2000 white apping glow in the dark garden gnomes, coffin, candles, funeral bouquet, sound effects


The first  installation in the ‘apping garden gnome series’ is about how we deal with big life-changing moments. At first glance the dark, silent hall with the coffin, burning candles and soft glowing crowd around it, gives the impression of a serene evening wake. Zooming in, we quickly loose the impression of a mourning crowd and see the actual self indulged individuals attending the funeral yet not being present with their heart and soul thereby avoiding life itself.


“Sorry, you were saying” storms what is believed the last respectful offline fortress: death. However doing research on this topic, an astonishing 1/3 of people attending a funeral admitted to have taken a selfie. 


The installation could be viewed (19-24 September 2016) at the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam and has been on display 11-12 February 2016 at the Pauluskerk in Breukelen (the Netherlands).



"Sorry? You were saying?" in the press

"Sorry? you were saying?" news item - RTV Utrecht (Dutch TV)


Gnomes illustrate the indifference - Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch newspaper)


Apping gnomes around a coffin - RTV Utrecht

(Dutch radio and online)


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