Bram Ellens is the co-founder of, the European Lab for Robotics in Art and Theater 



The Robotics Lab is founded in 2023 by Professor Maaike Bleeker, Robotics specialist Rick van Dugteren, Theater producer Ulrike Quade and artist Bram Ellens. Together we investigate how robots can be used in art and theatre, and what art and theatre can do for robotics. We bring together expertise from the arts and theatre, from robotics, and from academic research into both of them. We invest in creative explorations that provide the basis for artistic creations, practical applications and theoretical insights. We regularly open our lab to visitors to share our work in progress. 

We believe and have experienced that the sprint methodology works very well for a cross functional organisation like where theater producers, puppeteers, artists, researchers and technical experts co-create. 

We have defined quarterly themes that are tackled in bi-weekly sprints once every Friday. For the year 2023/2024 we will be working on robots interacting with artists and puppets, movement by robots, and robots on stage as decor-builders or being the decor. has its headquarters on the inspiring Creative Campus in Almere. With over 250m2 filled to the rim with Kukas, Cruzrs, and other robots it is the perfect place in the real world to get the creative juices flowing.