About BRAM ellens

Bram Ellens was born in 1978 and is a Jekyll and Hyde pur sang. After a turbulent international career as an internet entrepreneur for 10 years, in 2015 he decided to on a career shift and started working as an artist under the pseudonym Edward Bernsteyn. By means of self-study and a group of mentors, Bram developed himself into an early-stage-autonomous- artist. 

He is known as an entrepreneurial artist and mainly makes theatrical sculptures and installations. Bram enjoys the big gesture, but tries to evoke a stillness in it. His works are inclusive, but not superficial. The arousal of curiosity is a common thread in all his work, it invites contact.


Bram was in the spotlight for the first time in 2016 with his 'Apping glow in the dark gnome installations'. He likes to exhibit outside the regular circuit, with his latest solo exhibition 'Orphans' at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam as a latest example. This is also the exhibition where Bram Ellens says goodbye to his pseudonym Edward and starts working and exhibiting under his own name again.

Bram works with his operational team at his studio in Almere, still bronzed from the tropical sun of his stay at Curaçao at the Instituto Buena Bista.


January 2023 - solo exhibition Robots in Captivity at Kunsthal Nord (Demark)


November 2022 - Group exhibition Artii et Amici Amsterdam


October 2022 - Group exhibition museum de Lakenhal Leiden


September 2022 - Nacht van de kunst Nijmegen


July 2022 - Group exhibition Nocturnal creature festival London (UK)


May 2022 - Extension group exhibition London Sculpture in the city (UK)


May 2022 - Robots in captivity Sloth at museum Paleis Soestdijk


February 2022 - Lecture at Felix Meritis


February 2022 - Robots in captivity Sloth at NXT museum 


January 2022 - Science museum NEMO acquired four works to display in their permanent collection


August 2021 - group exhibition at Lowlands


July -Dec 2021 - solo exhibition 'Robots in Captivity' and lab at Buitenplaats Doornburgh


June 2021 - outdoor art group exhibition Tiergarten Alkmaar 


June 2021-May 20222 - group exhibition at London Sculpture in the City (UK)


January-August 2020 - group exhibition chapter 3hree at museum HEM Zaanstad


January 2020 - group exhibition @PLAY in Zaandam


July-Aug 2019 - Watou kunstenfestival (Belgium)


April 2019 - group exhibition @NEUS Nijmegen


April - May 2019 - group exhibition @ House for sale Apeldoorn


8 February - 11 February 2019 - group exhibition @ Object Rotterdam


10 October -14 October 2018 - group exhibition @ Big Art Amsterdam


June 20th 2018 - group exhibition @ IBB Center for Contemporary Art Curacao


9 February - 11 February 2018 - group exhibition @ Object Rotterdam


11 January - 31 March 2018 - solo exhibition @ WTC Amsterdam


17-18 June 2017 - performance @ Flower museum Aalsmeer


February 2017 - exhibition @ TQ Amsterdam


24 September 2016 - installation "Sorry? You were saying?" @ Amstelkerk Amsterdam


13 Feb - 30 May 2016 - glow in the dark gnomes @ Gallery Peter Leen XL  


11-12 Feb 2016   - installation "Sorry? You were saying?" @ Pauluskerk Breukelen 


May 2015, 2016 and 2017  - group exhibition @ Kunstronde Stichtse Vecht






The studio

The studio of the artist in Holland is at the Creative Campus in Almere. It is a vibrant place where sculptures and installations are created, musicians write songs,  and start-ups see their first light. You are more than welcome to visit, yet please contact us in advance so that we can check the agenda of the artist.