Bram @Instituto Buena Bista Curacao Center for Contemporary art

Bram Ellens has been present at IBB from April to June 2018 and worked on sculptures and a workshop. He focused his time mostly on material research, experiments, create&produce. The workshop around be your best self based on the theory of A. Maslow with the students was a pleasant break from the routine.

A number of his works are shown at the group exhibition of the IBB opening June 20th 2018, while also some experiments are shared with you below on this website. The work sometimes seeks an intimate interaction with the space like in I'm sorry, Today I don't exist and some other experiments, while with Hell yeah it's a fucking pirate ship or Into the wild Bram fills the space with a present, almost vulgar sculpture. 


 I'm sorry     -    Hell yeah it's a fucking pirate ship    -    Today I don't exist   -   Into the wild   -   Other experiments   -   Maslow workshop