Workshop with IBB students around Be your best self based on the theory of A. Maslow (May 2018)

1 minute videos around context, peak experience, an act of kindness, doing nothing, and when your dark side takes over


A one week power-workshop with the students @IBB around the theory of self actualisation by Abraham Maslow. We talked about context, peak experiences and the famous pyramid of Maslow. The students made a daily 1 minut video around their context, a peak experience they encountered, an act of kindness, doing nothing, and when their dark side took over. This to make everybody aware on the daily small choices we all have in our life where we can consiously choose to do the right thing, do nothing or unawarely let our dark side take over. The more aware we are, the more we can steer our behaviour towards kindness (which is not easy at all!).